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Ministry Programs - Donation Options

There are many ways that you can help us in our mission to place God's Word in the hands of people around the world. We'd like to encourage you to consider one or more of the following options. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Volunteer Core:
The World Bible Society is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to placing the treasure of God's Word into the hands of people around the world. All current staff raise personal support. We welcome enquiries regarding staff and volunteer opportunities.
Reach out and touch the world by joining our Volunteer Core who are dedicated to bringing the Word of God everywhere.

Planned Giving:
Gift Planning is one of the most important ways friends of World Bible Society help to accomplish our mission. Gift planning is simply using estate planning methods to make a charitable gift that maximizes the tax and estate benefits to you and your family, and that also greatly enhances the work of World Bible Society. The Gift Planning Department, through our sister organization, the Charitable Alliance Group, can offer, arrange and administer gift annuities, loan agreements, endowment funds and gifts of insurance policies and marketable securities. The right choice of Planned Gift depends on your particular circumstances and goals. But the central theme is the same: making a deliberate and careful choice about the resources you have built up during a lifetime of work, careful management and good stewardship.

Charitable Trusts:
A charitable remainder trust is an arrangement under which you deed property to World Bible Society, but retain the use of it for life or a set number of years.  Here are a couple of options:
Gift of Residual Interest:  A residual interest gift refers to an arrangement under which property is deeded to the World Bible Society, but the donor retains use of the property for life or a term of years. For example, a donor might give a residual interest in a principal residence and continue living there, or a residual interest in a painting and retain possession of it. The donor is entitled to a tax receipt from World Bible Society for the present value of the residual interest. "Present value" means that the property is appraised by an accredited professional appraiser, taking into account the age of the donor. The appraised value is the amount allowed as a tax receipt. The donor will continue to be responsible for real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance after transferring the title to the property. The terms of the gift and responsibilities for expense are specified in a deed of gift.
Outright Gift:  This is similar to a gift of residual interest. However, the property that is transferred to World Bible Society is producing income. The net income is paid to the donor and/or other named beneficiaries. When the trust terminates (at the death of the beneficiary, or after a specified term of years), the trust remainder is distributed to World Bible Society. As this gift is irrevocable, the donor is entitled to a gift receipt for the value of the gift, also taking into account the age of the donor. A charitable remainder trust may be funded with cash or securities. A minimum of $50,000 is required.

Endowment Funds:
Like many supporters, you may want your donation to provide ongoing financial support of the work of World Bible Society. This can happen through our Endowment Program. Endowment funds help support specific ministry objectives you may elect to supports such as Jewish Scriptures for Jews, Bibles in Russian, etc. The funds are invested and the income used on a ongoing basis to support the designated work. Since an Endowment Fund is established from a supporter's major gift, the donor receives tax receipts for the gift amount, and the income earned by World Bible Society is not taxable. This provides you with an opportunity to be part of a well managed stewardship plan. If you kept the funds in your own investment portfolio, the income earned would be taxable. This would leave less funds for you to give to the Society - or you would have to make up the taxable portion from other personal funds. A minimum donation of $10,000 is required for setting up a WBS Endowment Fund.

Support our causes by using your Will and Estate to donate money to World Bible Society.
Wills and Estates:
Do you want your heirs to receive the maximum benefit from the distribution of your assets? Then it's crucial to consider the estate planning process. Planning to transfer your assets in a timely, orderly and tax-efficient manner, usually through a Will, is crucial.

A Will is much more than a legal document: it's a tool for providing financial security for your loved ones, peace of mind for yourself, and support for causes to which you've been committed. Every adult should have a Will, regardless of age, income level or marital status.

Gift Annuities:
With a World Bible Society Gift Annuity, you'll receive a fixed income for as long as you live. While you enjoy a great rate of return and financial stability during your lifetime, the remaining principal of the gift annuity goes towards the ministries of the Society when you pass on. The gift annuity is a powerful method for maximizing the value of your resources now and in the future. A World Bible Society Gift Annuity can be a tool for caring for your loved ones, and helping further the mission of World Bible Society.

Investment Gifts:
Gifts of capital property and securities are an excellent way to support World Bible Society. Through these planned gift opportunities, donors can support our ministry more generously than might otherwise be possible. World Bible Society is legally allowed to receive gifts of property as a charitable donation, for which a tax receipt can be issued. Here are some examples of gifts of property: residential and commercial real estate, time share condos, coin and stamp collections, antique furniture, art, cars, RV's, boats, airplanes, stocks, bonds, and C D's.

Life Insurance:
Did you know you can insure your life and name the World Bible Society as a beneficiary? And that's just one approach. There are several valid ways to use life insurance to fund a ministry.
Present Gift:  An insurance policy can be used to make a donation now instead of waiting to make a bequest in your Will, by purchasing a policy for donation purposes. You can also take an existing policy that's no longer needed and transfer it to World Bible Society as a donation. There may even be some cash surrender value if the policy is for "whole life" insurance. To purchase a policy to provide a gift to World Bible Society, you name the Society as beneficiary and owner. Once established, that designation can't be changed. For an existing policy that's being donated, a receipt will be given for any cash surrender value built up within the policy. All premiums paid from the time of donation on a donated or purchased policy will be eligible for donation receipts.
Deferred Gift:  You can also name World Bible Society as your life insurance beneficiary but retain the ownership of the policy. This allows you to change the beneficiary, but does not allow you to receive any tax credits for both the premiums paid and for any cash surrender value.
Wealth Replacement:  Parents may want to make a major contribution to World Bible Society but hesitate because of their desire to see a child benefit from their estate. One way to accomplish both ends is to have parents make a major contribution, then purchase a life insurance policy that replaces that gift made. The child would be designated as the beneficiary of the policy. Parents often can pay for the premiums with the tax savings produced by the charitable gift. The only loss would be the income being produced by the funds donated. If both parents are living, consideration can be given to purchasing a "second-to-die" policy. This means that the couple purchases a life insurance policy based on both their lives, and the policy contributions are not given to World Bible Society until both have died. The premiums are lower because they will have a longer longevity period.

Living Trusts:
A revocable self-declaration living trust allows you to have control of your assets, while at the same time providing for your loved ones and those to whom you want to leave a bequest. An important highlight of a living trust is that you can change your mind and revoke or alter the terms of the trust at any time.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these programs, please don't hesitate to contact us. The Society through the Charitable Alliance Foundation advises individuals on how to use your financial planning to help World Bible Society. However, you are encouraged to seek professional counsel in making significant financial decisions.

A revocable self-declaration living trust allows you to leave a bequest to World Bible Society.


Ministry Programs - Donation Options


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